Being a website “Design” company we think its our responsibility to answer why we chose to go with this logo and Name. Okay so first of all WD stands for Website Developer. Our expertise is in developing the best website for our clients and satisfy all their demands in time. Now lets talk about the “99” part, it stand for the 99 out of 100 steps that we take for the customer, you must be wondering then where did one step go? Well that one step is yours to contact us.



WD99 is a company by PRINTWALA (a online global portal for printing solutions). Established in 2008 by Mr. Rajan Singh & Mrs. Kavita Singh,  WD99 Website Design India is a leading Indian web design and development agency based in Ahmedabad India, delivering a complete range of services from Website Design, Content Management Systems, E commerce Solutions, Logo Design and Internet Marketing, all at reasonable prices. The company is currently under supervision of Shantanu Singh (B.tech I.T) who has 5 years of experience in developing websites and internet marketing. We have a proven track record functioning for a wide range of clients from small local businesses to large global multinationals casing all aspects of website design and development. We pride ourselves on being a friendly web design company which creates long lasting relations with our clients.

Our company’s motto is: “Helping you grow online”

In today’s competitive market you will need a web design and web development company that you can trust. With an abundance of knowledge & experience. WD99 is the right choice for you.

Reasons to choose WD99:-

Friendly & Approachable:

We pride ourselves on being friendly and easy to talk to Indian Website Designers. We know that it can be overwhelming to try something new and at the same time as other web design agencies can make the process confusing and complex, we know what we’re doing and we do our best to clarify everything in plain English. If you’re concerned that you won’t have the skills, knowledge or time, don’t, we’ll guide you through the route and make the whole experience easy and fun. So Contact WD99 Website Design India.

Up to Date with the recent Technology:

Website Developer 99 also has some blogs where you can see the knowledge that we are gaining and also sharing. At WD99 we keep a check on your website for any feature update.

Business Expertise:

We deliver business solutions to all industries from A to Z. We’re not techie geeks or nerds who speak incomprehensible techno-jargon. Instead, we first understand your business and your goals. Then we apply the most appropriate technology to deliver the required business solutions that enables new capabilities, increases sales, improves the efficiency of your business and helps you communicate more effectively through your website.


Well we are passionate about our work, taking it seriously and making it easy for customer to walk along in the website building process is what we do at WD99.


We’re contactable & responsive. If you’ve ever been annoyed by an organization that is hard to contact or your old web designer has done a runner,well that will never be the case with WD99. We’ll help you to be able to get something done swiftly and properly at short notice.





Value for money:

WD99 Website Design Ahmedabad India offer great value for money, we offer big time experience and the ability to design and develop what you need at an affordable price. You may get lower quotes but not better service. Believe me, it’s not easy to re do the whole process of website design and development along with the brand creation from logo. When we quote we provide segregation which makes us honest and clear about what exactly we will be delivering to you. There are no hidden costs in our quotes so you can be tension free while working with us.

This is why should choose WD99 Website Design Ahmedbad India. If you are satisfied with all the things about us then don’t wait make your 24×7 online presence starting today. Get in touch