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To have questions when you finally decide that it’s time to take the step and get a new logo designed by a professional logo designer or a website by a pro website designer or you need help with your online marketing is totally normal. We will guide you personally through every step but still if you can find your own way then we have listed below some of the most frequently asked questions the we are asked over and over again. If you still have a question that is not answered here, or you want to get in touch to ask anything please feel free to contact us. Link to our contact form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Website Developer 99

How to determine the ideal cost of your website

The cost of a website varies through your purpose and modules in the website. This also may vary because of the size and features in the website. Most of the companies start with the attitude to get the lowest cost website available in market. But when they get no visitors or no new business or even worse, turn possible customers off, they have now experienced a far greater “chance cost” due to a loss of possible business that a decent website might have generated.

With a big disappointment behind them, they now start to long for a website that can appeal the visitors, generate trust and capture leads and make business. Not long after, they get a new website (thus sustaining another cost) and start all over again. This time they may have better triumph but may fail to maximize a decent ROI [1], thus creating an ongoing cycle.

You need to have a mindset of developing a professional attractive website that appeals to your ideal customer and builds trust, along with, itshould demonstrate your abilities, captures leads and should be a part of a fully integrated marketing system of your company. A website like this will obviously cost more than a bad website that turns customers off but the ROI will be far greater thus it will pay for itself off very swiftly and will continue to be the platform on top of which you continue to grow your marketing and your business locally, nationally and internationally.

On our QUOTATION page we provide budgets that you may consider for your branding, website, ecommerce project and your Internet Marketing. Complete solutions for you, helping you grown online. “SERVE I.T SIMPLE”

I have received lower quotes for my website

why shouldn’t I just go with them and save some money?

Cut-rate web designers are cut-rate for a reason. With limited skills, very little business knowledge, they are classically using you as a lab rat to learn. Your website could be, and should be, your main cause of new business, if done correctly.

Why shouldn’t I just get my relative or the I.T department to create a website?

A website must be held of as an extension of your marketing plan and the role of your business. It is the online comparison of you presenting your company. In the absence of your company representative your website should maintain the legacy and speak for itself.

After creating a website that is flexible and can answer all the questions that your customers can have you may rest assured that you have a marketing person that is available 24*7 globally and can speak for your company.

Do we need meet face to face for website designing?

Mostly meeting is not required as we are I.T people and we just love technology (skype, hangouts, electronic mail, etc.). We have worked with numerous clients whom we have never met in person but with no reduction in either quality or client satisfaction.

We accept project requests from all over the world. If you require help in growing your business online or to complete a project. You can get a quote for your custom project.

How long will it take for my website to be designed?

The turn-around time of the website design phase is often dictated by the client, we will work as hard as possible to meet that timeline. The most common delay is caused by waiting for content (text/images) to be sent by the client. We’ve been doing this since 2008 and we have worked with a wide range of customers and met their demands and fulfilled their needs. We also update the tech and sometimes even renovate the website (only under AMC [2])

What if I do not like the design?

Our goal is to design for you a website or logo,exactly as per your requirements which you are totally pleased with. We use a wide ranging design and development procedure, polished over many years and hundreds of clients to guarantee satisfaction. There many to and fro conversations with you and many a times we showcase parts of your website while developing, so there are no shocks. The best thing to do is view our portfolio.

How and who will update my website?

We will update your website from time to time if you have taken AMC [2] for your website by professional coding and content management systems.


You yourself can spend some extra time and update it if you have a CMS [3] website.

Will you create a “Search Engine” friendly website?

All our websites are shaped with search engines in attention and the website design is accommodating to search engine guidelines.Our website pages and coding to assure compliance with main search engines.

Will you provide hosting services?

Yes we provide different schemes in hosting services and also provide time to time check on bandwidth and size of hosting for your website. Some people also tend to let the website developers buy domains for them which is very wrong as you need to be the captain of the ship so that it doesn’t sink. At WD99 we practice healthy and safe web development and designing.

Why should I choose WD99?

There are more than countable reasons to choose us but for starters you may visit our company page and read about us and testimonials of our clients and you may also read our google reviews.

[1] ROI: Return on Investment[2] AMC: Annual maintenance contract {made for maintaining the website at back hand and front hand}[3] CMS: Content Management System